29 Creepy Stories Shared By Parents For their Children

With the changing minds, the development of kids has been affected a lot. However, they formed a strange sense of reality. But that personality has put a lot of impression on us. The new ideas arising in the minds of children are something very weird. However, sometimes they are right too.

Usually, parents keep sharing such posts with you. Here are some more examples of such a kind. Scroll down to read some shared stories by parents.

#1 A mom chooses sleepover of a kid at grandma’s home. 


#2 A kid does not hug with imaginary friends. 

#3 A kid uses to say that he listens to strange sounds. 

#4 A boy says that his mom died before he came. 

#5 A kid watches a strange lady in dreams. 

#6 A kid says that he watches shadows in the room. 

#7 A kid uses to see witch outside his window. 


#8 A kid says that the moon watches his mom. 

#9 A kid asks for a canopy.

#10 A kid says that she sees an old lady. 

#11 A kid says to her father that she sees a man. 

#12 A kid says that she can speak with a voice. 

#13 A kid uses to talk with her dead grandma. 


#14 A kid sees a blood faced man near her side. 

#15 A kid says that she does not like women. 

#16 A kid says that he talks with a girl. 

#17 A kid watches a scary man in her dreams.

#18 A kid uses to talk with a bloody man. 

#19 A kid uses to talk with imaginary kids. 

#20 A kid has a dream of bloody murder.

#21 Son saw a man with bleeding eyes. 

#22 A kid uses to see a couple. 

#23 A kid uses to see a couple that has died.

#24 A kid sees a man in dreams. 

#25 One kid uses to have harsh dreams.

#26 A kid explains the death procedure. 

#27 A kid uses to see her grandma. 


#28 One kid assures that there was a ghost. 

#29 One kid saw a man inside the empty house.


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