See How People Reacted to Dad’s Post for Paying His Son to Read Books

Dads are to teach their children something fascinating and new to them. So they try to introduce their children with the best possible examples. Here today, we are with one such example of a father before you. The tweet made by him went viral such that it has put parenting techniques into the spotlight. David Woodland, who is a father, went viral for his tweet post. It is how people show criticism when you post publicly. See how people replied to his job!

A father talks about the easiest and cheap investment for his children.

A father says he pays his child $1 to read a book and study.

There is nothing offensive in his act as he was thinking for the betterment of his child. Also, his son is still young to read out such tweets.

Along with this, he has even praised his son for being a great kid in studies and sports.

However, see an example of a person asking if his son will ever remember his deeds in the future or not.

A similar example to him for getting $2 to have grade A on the report card

Some students genuinely loved reading books without being scold or a prize.

David is talking about the long term impact on the reader.

However, Woodland did all this to let his child learn and read books. As soon as he stops gifting money, his son would stop reading books.

See how people criticized him for this.

If a student does not get paid for the reading books, he will lose interest in it.

People ask how will he teach his child to learn different lifetime duties without getting paid for it?

The idea of paying for studies means demotivating your child to read further.

One said that these are all about artificial incentives that have to over a day.

However, many posted to support David.

Reading becomes a habit with time.

Many claims that people who are claiming to a dad for his work should not have surely heard of AR points.

So what do you think about it? Do you believe paying children could help them to learn and read books? Keep sharing with us.

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