See How A Dad Photoshop’s Drawings of His Kids and Shares with Us

Parents can do a lot with inspiration for their child. There is a story of one such father who has been making the internet a better place. It is a story of a father Tom Curtis who resides in London. He is the owner of one Instagram Page “Things I have Drawn.” In his posts illustration, he always tried to find out what happens when the drawing can become a reality for you?

Tom is a father of two children with whom he enjoys his time with creativity, fun, and the doodles. However, you will surely love the results out to be hilarious. You will be completely amazed to see the new work of the dad. Hence, its time to scroll down and to enjoy the beautiful illustrations presented by Tom in his posts. You will surely love these posts. Click below to see more posts by him on his different social media accounts.

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#1 The best presentation to the blue creature.

#2 The combination of colours is perfect

#3 The weird one!

#4 The funniest imagination with the drawing.

#5 The drawing seems to be very real.

#6 A weird tiger.

#7 Children can do anything.

#8 A new duck with us.

#9 A new sea creature.

#10 Couldn’t define which creature is it.

#11 A new creature with different looks.

#12 Are you happy to see this?

#13 Creativity can never end

#14 The bubble crane

#15 It seems to be terrifying.

#16 It seems it’s in pain.

#17 A sweet and cute crawler.

#18 Drawing is different from what we see.

#19 The biting teeth.

#20 The completed creature.

#21 Mother and son?

#22 A fish creature into a bird.

#23 A complete Pixar should be there for such characters.

#24 The most weird one.

#25 Children are used to draw anything they like.

#26 Could never imagine an aeroplane to be of such a kind.

#27 Introducing a new crawling creature.

#28 A snow creature is ready for you into a new form.

#29 Does it seem a cow?

#30 I guess it’s a flying Rhinocerous.

So what do you think? Is this dad successful in his work? Keep sharing your views with us.

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