These 30 New Comics Involve Dark And Quirky Humor.

Can you guys recall a way to keep yourself busy in the past? Apart from playing games and watching TV, i guess comics were our best friends. We all can surely recall that time when we use to keep ourselves busy by reading our famous comic books. but with the rapid change in the era and the advancement in the technology, the craze for the comic books has been lost somewhere but don’t worry still some comic artists are trying their best to bring the best for you. All we can do is appreciate them for their hard work and art.

One such artist Llyod has been trying his best with his new creations. He makes all his comics using the devastating, forbidden power of Microsoft paint. He has been making these comics from 4 years and the fan base keeps on increasing. Well isn’t it strange making these comics with the use of paint but not with any other app? But according to him he enjoy making these comics in paint as paint is free, easy to understand, and with enough practice it can offer a wide range of possibilities making it a helpful tool on its own.

According to him, you don’t need to own that premium gear and all the support features to get started with comics. Paint is always ignored by most of the artist but it gives a pretty basic over view and basic is not bad right in fact basic is the root of the success tree. He has been making these comics for over years now and still he is finding shortcuts and workarounds which help him fine tune the process of drawing.

If you like these comics please have a look at the other ones too. For people who browse his website, he has included an extra bonus panel underneath every comic, so do check his website, he is pretty much everywhere on social media. some of his accounts are :,,

Scroll down below to see some of his amazing comic art.

1. Oh NO!

2. Yay! Ice cream.

3. Please don’t lose it again.

4. Hahaha!

5. Wait Just let me do the honors.

6. Not Coping Well.

7. Earlier this year.

8. He doesn’t like coriander.

9. Oops! I did it again.

10. Virtual Me.

11. Cool pics of space corg.

12. No Lemons Just Sh*t.

13. Really?

14. which bodies son?

15. Run for your lives.

16. R.I.P kid.

17. Still deciding.

18. But How?

19. Still gonna come tonight?

20. Ha !

21. Shut up!

22. Pretty much embarrassing right?

23. The Magic.

24. Zero F*cks given.

25. Ice cream day.

26. How can he?

27. Right for the Job.

28. You Can’t Refuse.


30. Undo Everything.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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