10 Dark Comics With Silent Horror That Will Give Everyone Chills

Ghost stories and supernatural tales can often frighten any healthy person or sick person badly. There is a saying that a picture easily tells more than a thousand doubts. And many times you don’t even need words to share your life. A talented artist from Malaysia who creates comic strips without any kind of dialogue. These comic strips of his are very much liked by his fans. Feeling fear while reading a comic is also a different experience. The main aim of the artist is to make his best identity among the people.

The silent horror series posted by this talented artist earlier on DarkBox also became very popular among his fans. In their stories, everything from terrible ghosts to terrible creatures can scare you very much. Their stories are not at all for the weak-hearted. If any of your friends like horror stories, then you can recommend this to him. We hope that after reading these stories your mind will also be refreshed. But before you read them, you must make sure that you go to bed alone. And keep in mind that you do not feel too nervous while sleeping at night. Scroll down and enjoy the art.


Full Comic: Here








Full Comic Here

#8 The Lift

Full Comic Here


Full Comic Here

#10 Grandpa’s Cigarette


Full Comic Here

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