See How Depression and Anxiety Effects an Artist’s Life

The life of an artist is not that easy; what ordinary people think. They are not doing a 9-5 job. Their thought process keeps on working 24/365 days. To creat any out of the box ideas, they have to wonder everywhere with the key of creativity with them. Every artist has a unique approach to working, present them to the universe. To keep your point in front of the world as they will accept, not even receive but love it, is a difficult one.

A British background artist named “Gemma Correll” is also presenting her way to show the life of an artist, what problems they have to face every day, what thoughts keep going in their mind. An illustration is the best weapon of an artist, which he/she may use an ineffective way.  As humans grew older, they understand that simple and effective things are the thing that can satisfy our soul.

#1 Talking to a client on a phone call is the biggest fear. Thoughts will they like the tone of mine, how will be the first impression and many others.

#2 Artist tries to keep positive all day by reading books, self-motivating techniques to be applied whole day but that one negative thought overcome at the end of the day.

#3 Keeping thinking about work at home, and better sleep for the night in the office.

#4 People outside can’t heal, therefore pretend to be busy by herself.

#5 Feels like carrying a heavy bag of stones in the form of overthinking.

#6 No place can make feel better unless the inner soul.

#7 When its time to sleep, useless things come to mind feeling like big shit.

#8  Comparing earlier life to a new one.

#9 Nothing good in social life, self-doubt, and low confidence become friends.

#10 Tired of herself.

#11 Thinking of parties, but find animals as friends.

#12 Giving tag of anxiety disorder to herself.

#13 Feeling like a useless being

#14 Negative things come first because of keep finding doubt in herself.

#15 Keep immigrating a peaceful place, escape from reality like a dream world.

#16 Negative predictions are making uncomfortable.

#17 Wasting special moments of relaxing with self-thoughts.

#18 Trying to get a life but overthinking destroyed everything.

#19  Feel like the room os the only best place.

#20 Every day’s goal is to fight against overthinking.

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