Depression Chicken: Through My Comics, Artist Expresses How he Really Feels

Today we are talking about an artist named Adam who draws comics with the name Depression Chicken.

He is a social media manager based in Berlin. This 34-year-old artist has been drawing since childhood but it was always a hobby. 

Adam started drawing comics after he was diagnosed with depression. He says it all started to avoid negative thoughts. His friends and everyone around him encouraged him to draw more.

As the name suggests the protagonist of the comics is a cute little chicken based on his life and portrays his feelings throughout the comics.

Adam explained that stories in the comics Depression chicken are about his thoughts and his struggles with therapy. He feels words are not the best way to express himself but it works with the comics perfectly.

Adam’s comics have characters like the chicken obviously the main character which represents him, his best friend Birdfish, and  Frau Serduck to talk about therapy.

He wants to help others who are in the same position as him. Adam shares that when he first started it was therapy for him. He would just share whatever was going on in his life and the things he was struggling with. Adam feels that it helped him a lot with getting his life back on track. 

He says it takes so much effort to get up and start doing something when you suffer from depression but once you start it feels great.

His community started getting better because people could relate to him and felt connected. Many people started connecting with him telling him how much they appreciate him doing this. He hopes he can reach more people and help them more with his silly stories.


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