Diving Into Peculiarities Of Recipes In Different Cultures By Tumblr Thread

I wanna ask you guys a question before i can start. How many of you are food lovers? Yay, you guys are just like me. I’m a big food lover. Growing up in India means having a lot of variety and culture in you and myself being from India has lot of respect and love towards food. Also with 28 states and each state having their own unique recipes and taste, it has been proved that India is the only country where these much recipes are carried out. well, each kind of cuisine comes with its own set of taste, expectation and challenges. Just like growing up in India is full of herbs and spices. similarly, growing up in the mid west, the center of the US is full of beef and corn ( Also referred as the corn state ).

The most challenging thing in recipes is knowing that you won’t make it as well as your mom made it and to be honest this is the main reason why i don’t love to cook but love to eat. The different cultures in the whole world and their attachments towards their food is something that excites me a lot.

This Tubmlr thread is really diving into the food culture and it would be pretty much interesting read if you ask me. Time to to explore new recipes, time to share  new things. Don’t wait for the new opportunities, the perfect time is always here to try something new.

Scroll down below to have a look at how Tumblr Thread discusses how different the food is between cultures.

1. That’s how American recipes are created. It’s super simple and Easy. LOL.

2. Only these three ingredients are needed and you’re good to go – Canadian Recipes.

3. Well what can i say more about the Italian and the French Recipes.

4. What were you doing spending eight days over the stove? Was the food full of flavors? Armenian Recipes.

5. Full of spices and flavors. With no doubt its an Indian Recipe. Yummy.

6. Latinx Recipe. That goes for every dish that’s handed down, period.

7. Irish Food is all about PO TA TOES.

8. Australian Recipe: Chuck it on the barbie.

9. The polish people knows the real secret to good baking.

10. All about Vinegar and Soy Sauce – Filipino Recipes.

11. No Onion or More onion. Jewish Flavors are quite complex.

12. As simple as that – Solvenian Recipes.

13. Need some more garlic for that dish. Ukrainian Recipes.

14. You still need to add more of that. I don’t know when you are gonna learn cooking – Greek Recipes.

15. It’s kind of hard to identify the exact amount in Chinese cuisines.

16. I love cheese and that is the reason why i love Welsh Recipes.

17. You call that a Recipe?

18. Just FRY it and that’s it – Dutch Recipes.

19. Sometimes English Recipes are pretty bland.


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