Tumblr Users Always Prove Wrong To Them Those Who Believe Disney is WhiteWashed

This world is full of entertainment. In this world, Diversity plays an important role. Also, it shows that people that we can co-exist even though we come from different societies. Also, it is valid for racial-cultural backgrounds.

Hollywood is often accused of whitewashing, and it’s damn true. But instead of that, Disney is the exact opposite of that world. They always used to include every religion or every cast. So, consider the fairy tale stories they used to show us limbs belong to different cultures. These make their films interesting and joyful. In the past, Disney has been known for producing movies that promote racist stereotypes. One such example is the portrayal of American Indians in “Peter Pan.” There was even controversy surrounding “The Princess and the Frog.” This features Disney’s first African-American princess.

There are different reasons to love these diverse Disney princesses that go beyond their skin color and ethnicity. However, I’m sure different families will relate to them in different ways. For us, it is the combination of the depth of these characters with the fact that they show that you can be a black or brown girl who is beautiful and smart.

With the inclusion of more diverse Disney princesses, we see the progress that Disney made good progress from the stereotypes of the past. In these, princesses had only white skin and blond hair, and also who only behaved as the “damsel in distress” waiting for a strong princess to come and save her.














Disney has never stepped back to show as the entertainment world. Hence people are mad after watching its shows and movies. Now you have got through different princesses and views of other people. So, how do you feel? Hence the Tumblr Thread has clearly given an answer to those people who say Disney is Whitewashed. However, never deny keeping sharing your opinions with us in the comment section below.

Author: Rashi

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