15 Times Disney Creators Had Done An Amazing Job In Handling Serious Topics.

The creativity and hard work of all the persons involved in Disney productions has always amazed us. with a new story and a new idea in every movie they are still able to rule the whole world of production. with stories like Aladdin, Pinocchio, Toy story and much more they have been able to win the hearts of many kids of today’s generation. With the release of some great movies, Disney has successfully gained a number of handsome viewers from the children and the teenager category. Their only idea is to spread the word among the people of the world and to inspire each one of them through the power of unparalleled story telling. Do watch their all movies, they are really funny and somewhat inspiring too.

Disney creators has also worked hard and did an amazing job in handling some serious topics. They have focused more on that topic and tried not to ignore it. Let us see how they have tried to overcome these topics.

scroll down with me to see some of these amazing movies and their serious topics.

1. In the movie Inside out, when the Riley’s depression was shown as a real issue rather than showing her as an angry kid.

The other things were also there which Riley could not even feel because of her depression. I know how it feels and i am really glad that sadness helped her out.

2. In the amazing movie Up, when Ellie realized that she was pregnant and she started decorating the house but then soon she suffered a miscarriage.

The whole movie depicts the perspective of someone. It showed how Ellie and Carl accept all the obstacles in their life and push them through. This moment taught us that life can be pretty harsh and painful sometime.

3. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when the crowd bullied Quasimodo and threw tomatoes at him just because he was different from everyone else.


The whole movie depicts the religious corruption and a fear for those who are different and the need to show compassion and be open-minded.

4. In movie Finding Nemo, when marlin and nemo were the only one left after the barracuda attack, which allowed the movie to focus on the theme of love and loss.

5. In the Toy Story 2, when Jessie’s past revealed that she was abandoned but that does not mean that she was no longer capable of receiving love.

The whole scene was heartbreaking and painful but at the end she was able to open up to a new group of people.

6. In the movie Cinderella, when her step sisters angrily tore down her home made dress and made her wash their dirty dishes, revealing the fact that not everyone comes from a happy place.

This scene too was heart breaking and painful but at the end Cinderella got what she deserves.

7. In Monsters, inc when sully had to say goodbye to boo, shows that sometimes you have to leave the person you love the most.

8. In Tarzan, when Tarzan, Kala, Kerchak suffered insurmountable loss but still found hope and home in a chosen family.

9. In the movie The Princess and the Frog, when ray was accepting the bad news of his own fate, knowing that something good would definitely come from it.

He knew that he is gonna get reunited with Evangeline as a star in the sky and for me its  better way to think about life. sometimes all you can do is surrender and accept the reality.

10. In movie Moana, when grandmother Tala was waving last goodbye to moana before dying, it reveals the fact that the people you lose are always gonna be with you.

11. In movie coco, when Ernesto revealed that he poisoned hector, it reveals a clear fact of friendship and betrayal.

12. In the movie Mulan, when Mulan proved the society that women can be tough, strong and smart and their place does not need to be in home only.

“They almost tried to kill her when they came to know that she was a woman even after she saved everyone from avalanche. Then again when she tried to warn the people of china that huns is still alive, no body listened to her just because she was a woman.

13. In the movie Lion King, when Scar killed musafa and blamed it on simba, showing that some persons can go that far for power and will.

I guess its a great lesson for everyone. It teaches us how sometimes we need to separate ourselves from certain people in our life.

14. In Lilo and stitch, when lilo opened to stitch about her parents death and stitch revealed that she felt sad for her loss.

15. In the movie Toy story 3, when Andy gave all of his favourite toys to Bonnie, showing that we eventually grow up and leave our past behind and i think that’s okay.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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