Doctors Are Uniting In Requesting People To Stay At Home

Corona outbreak has severely impacted the entire nation. From school to offices, small stores to big malls literally everything got closed just to keep people safe from getting infected. Till now the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases are more than 218242 globally and yet counting, hospitals are battling with time facing shortage of doctors and running out of medicines still trying its best to tackle the situation.

Sadly, this is not all enough, due to certain ignorant citizens who find the task of staying home too big to handle, thanks to them the condition is getting worse. Thus, the doctors from around the corner join together in a global plea begging residents to stay home so that they can keep doing their job.

Here is how Frontline workers from around the globe are begging people to stay home.

As the number of cases is increasing and becoming difficult to get control over it medical practitioners are requesting everyone to stay home and save lives. Leana Wen, an emergency physician told how currently the healthcare industry is facing the biggest public health crisis of lifetimes. She further stated that “we are not powerless against the virus, there are things we can do and the most vital one is If you can stay home!”

Over-worked medical heroes showed the marks the COVID-19 battle has left on their faces

It will be unacceptable if after all these efforts from everyone we lose the war against the virus. Thus, start being responsible for society and stay at home because this is the only way to slow the spread of this disease. Say yes to social distancing!

This nurse described why staying home amid the pandemic is not about you!


Author: Piyali Majumder

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