Dog Cuddles Into Mom’s Clothes To Find Comfort When She’s Away

Meet Kalina, the three-year-old German shepherd who lives happily with her mom, Raven Atchison. Just like other dogs, Kalina loves her mom often spends time cuddling with her every day. She loves doing this so much that when her mom is away, she may be upset and stressed.

“My three-year-old German Shepherd named Kalina tends to suffer from separation anxiety. It used to be much worse, we’ve made leaps and bounds of progress,” Atchison said.

Aware that her dog experiences separation anxiety, Atchison often stays with her dog as much as she can and takes her with her where possible. However, sometimes, she has to leave her behind at home for a bit. For this reason, she set up cameras to make sure she can always check up on her dog when she isn’t home.

“I set up a security camera in the bedroom where she normally spends her time while we’re gone, so I can check in on her and make sure she’s OK,” Atchison told The Dodo. “And to see if there are any stressors in her environment when I’m not there.”

And recently while checking the cameras, Raven saw her dog dragging her clothes over to the bed to cuddle with! “I managed to catch her pulling an article of my clothing from the bedside table very carefully, laying it on the bed, and then laying down to cuddle with it.”

While home alone, Kalina found an adorable way to cope with this problem and find comfort while his mom was out. Here’s that moment on video:

“My heart absolutely melted! I’m incredibly touched that my scent alone is such a comfort to her.” Atchison said. “To have been able to watch her snuggle up with my clothing, and then actually lay down calmly and peacefully with it, made my entire day.”

After seeing the video, Atchison suddenly realized that, in the past, she’s found her clothes scattered across the house in weird spots and couldn’t ever remember how they got there. Now, she knew exactly why. “It definitely solved the mystery with a very cute answer,” she said.

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