Comics to Which Dog Owners Usually Relate With Themselves

Dogs owners are very proud of dictating different stories for their pets. Hence many owners have even got inspired by it. Here are the stories shared by the dog owner. The stories began when the dog was a puppy. The story is in the form of an imagined conversation that the owner felt to had with his pet.

Then he realized that the stuff was a lot more to entertain other people with his comic stories formed. But he thought that those annoying reading texts are not that good. So he depicted those stories in the form of comics. These comics are to bring life and energy that one might feel actually with his dog.

Here is the description by a talented artist “K” who lets you enter Hey Buddy Comics with this planned series in a comic. Here is the start that you can see below with the mentioned story comics. Hopefully, you will like these all, and there are even many more to look upon. You can also find these stories through different social media accounts. Sources have been mentioned below.

sources: |  Instagram | Facebook |

#1 Owner asking dog how did it die.

#2 See the problems that are not only associated with dogs.

#3 The funniest one you would have ever seen before.

#4 Nothing cans top them talking funny.

#5 So what about this relationship of best friends?

#6 Hahaha! This is not that astonishing but funny.

#7 Dog is always ready to take revenge on his owner’s behalf.

#8 These buddies never part away.

#9 Pets celebrating valentine’s day

#10 But why this cone for the pet?

#11 Dogs are always ready to help you through.

#12 Dogs are never tired off.

#13 It’s all about playing with the ball.

The moments shared above are all true. These pets make your life funny and complete. You never feel bored off from them. Also, they always remain loyal to their owners.

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