Dog Turns Into A Parent For Every Cat In This Cat Shelter, Sharing A Pure Bond!

Dogs and cats are known as the arch-rivals who, for some reasons are meant to not like each other and fight like there is no tomorrow but, this dog in the post below proves otherwise, his pure love towards cats will steal your heart away!
This nine-year-old Shepherd mix, Raylan, is a father and mother to a lot of foster cats and kittens past 6 years. Raylan helps his owner Laura in taking care of them by offering lots of love and support. He takes care of rescue kittens like his own babies and plays with them every day, even bath them too.

 “I found out he liked cats when we brought our first foster kitten (Watson) home 6 years ago when Raylan was already 3 years old” – The Owner.

Laura mentioned Raylan’s nature, she said he is a very smart dog who always stays up for any adventure and is eager to please. Raylan has more than 20 k followers on Instagram, and each of his followers is enjoying all the adorable content posted by his owner.

His Account Says: “Raylan is a purebred mutt who enjoys getting beer for loved ones, road trips, and cuddling with his foster kittens.  Well No Doubt At All!

While in an interview Laura told how she met Raylan: “Raylan was adopted from a high-kill shelter where he was going to be euthanized as nobody wanted him because he was too energetic and untrained.” But no one tried to train him, says Laura.

“I have no idea why Raylan loves kittens,” Says The Owner.

Raylan always treats them as his babies; he took great care of them, says the owner. He constantly cleans them up and plays with them. Also stops them if they try to scratch the sofa.

Seeing His kittens makes Him Feel So Content And Also They keep Him Entertained!

When any kitten leaves he never seems sad afterwards, however after a few weeks of alone time he starts to get sad if don’t get to see any new kitten – “He always gets excited after seeing a new kitten. New kitten day is his favourite day,” says the owner.

This Shepherd Become Famous When A Video Of Him And Two Kittens Falling Onto Him Went Viral.

He received 64 k views loaded with people’s comments full of love and wishes for the cats to find a good home and for Raylan for taking good care of them.

Who Could Have Thought This High Energetic Dog Can Turnout So Kind And Calm Pet?

He Is Truly A Smart Dog Who Needs To Be Mentally Stimulated Constantly.

It’s Truly Heartwarming To See How Much The Kittens Like Him Back!

Laura Has Fostered More Than 60 Cats With Help Of Raylan, Keeping Them Safe, Healthy And Happy Whilst They Wait To Find A Forever Home.

“When he has kitten to take care of he feels like he has a job, which allows me some time watch TV,” Says Laura

He Always Stays Excited When A New Kitten Comes At Home. He Makes Sure They Feel Comfortable And Safe.

They Play Together Eat Together And Sleep Together Just Like A Mother And Kids.

Seems Like The Kittens Always Want Him Nearby Them.

This Is So Cute!

He Sleeps So Freely While They Are Around.

Just Like A Cat Mother.

Playing With Them Is His Favorite Time Pass.

This Looks So Comfortable. Don’t Know Say Why They Even Called As Enemies.

Its Truly Heartwarming To See Them Like This. I Can Bet He Has Played A Better Role Of A Mother Than Theirs

Just like Laura we should too start fostering animals! Let’s know in comment what you think about this story!

Author: Piyali Majumder

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