23 Amazing photos that are funny and shows that Dogs have their own kind of Logic

Our dogs has always been our most loyal companions. They are like our family, we love them and they love us back. They are quite intelligent and caring when they want to be. As they grow, we are quite amused and fascinated by the way they learn things from us and how easily they grasp the content. we often think that they live their life as we want them to but the case is totally different it seems like most of the dogs want to live their life by their own set of rules and you will all laugh for sure when you will come to know about these rules. Bringing home dogs does mean that you have to take care of them, feed them, treat them like a member of your family and take them daily for a walk.

For a number of dog owners, these routines are quite familiar. They spend most of their time with them. From trying to learn how to catch a ball to how to do pole dance, the owners try to capture every weird thing they do, the following dogs are captured doing weird things and are a bit different from their other breeds.

Take a look at some of these funny weird photos and have fun.

1. Do you guys think he is trying to learn Pole dance?

2. I think he is trying to get a plate full of pasta.

3. I think he is lost in that painting.

4. He needs a snugger place so he created one.

5. Wanna come here and play.

6. Just enjoying the water with my friends.

7. Is he alive?

8. She just wants some attention.

9. Wanna know how to manipulate your owner?

10. It’s pretty much obvious of what you did, no need of the arrow sign.

11. Just stopped by to say hello.

12. what if someone slips down?

13. Is this the best way to relax your body?

14. Just trying something cool.

15. The best place to sit idle and relax.

16. Probably waiting for someone special.

17. Pick me! I’m the lighter one.

18. What kind of a swing is this?

19. Waiting for him to say sorry.

20. Ready to play hide and seek.

21. I think his brain needs some rest.

22. Look here buddy, here i am.

23. He really wants to carry the essence of the nature.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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