Superb Comic Named The Legend of Domino The Cat by The Oatmeal 

Oatmeal has been famous for all time for creating unique stories. And his comics are the best part. He performs legendary work through this. This comic has become one of the famous rollercoaster strips for the people these days. However, Domino is a wholly classic and legendry comic. Let’s start the story:

#1 When the child was having age ten, his dad brings a stray cat at their home. We named this sweet cat as Domino because he consists of various white and black spots.

#2 He can never run in a straight line, and he does not have proper knowledge of how to use the cat box. 

#3 He had around 17 cats, and all the cats use to pop in one box. 


#4 When the family moved to Northern Idaho from California, an uncle of that child agreed to carry all the cats along the way. 

#5 The child uses to think that cats may have told the place of treasure to the uncle; that’s why he left without saying a word. 

#6 Then Idaho was not great for cats, so many cats vanished in the woods. The kid used to remember that all those cats were alive in forests, and all of them must have made cat kingdom. 

#7 However, Domino never vanished; he stayed with family always. 

#8 One day suddenly that kid’s brother appears and yells at him, that why the hell he is brushing. He needs to get out of the house because the house is on fire.

#9 Then the whole family was running towards the ground floor of the house because the fire started on the second floor.

#10 Then the kid’s mom stayed on the upstairs to call the fire department. However, after sometime explosion occurs, but thankfully kid’s mom came outside alive.

#11 In ten minutes, the whole house collapsed with the ground level because of the explosion. 

#12 The kid realized that all of their cats have died in that house explosion by battling their lives.  

#13 The kid returns to the house the next day and sees that Domino is still alive after this explosion. Therefore, the end became happy and fulfilling.

Author: Rashi

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