These Downstairs Neighbors Get Nuked From Orbit For Not Turning Down the Music

A group of people living close together in a small community is called a neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have many community organizations, where people volunteer and do charitable activities and a neighbor is a person who lives nearby, normally in a house or an apartment that is next to door or across the street. Some people form friendships with their neighbors, and help them with their activities and stuff. They form a family bond with their neighbors and usually celebrate together. While some other people become frustrated with their neighbors if they make a lot of noise or create a lot of mess around.

For all the mess they create every time, these types of neighbors are not liked by anyone in the society and every one tries to keep a distance from these types of noisy neighbors but every thing is okay up to a limit and if that limit is crossed then no one keeps their mouth shut. These types of neighbors weren’t ready for the sheer, bone rattling power and sound of the concert speakers. It’s very hilarious picturing them trying to resist, building up the courage to play their music, and ultimately getting shut down again and again.

Scroll down below to know the whole story behind this.

1. Social Media is the best place to put your stuffs. Here it is.

2. It was okay to him. The sound never bothered him much as he couldn’t hear anything while he was asleep but with entry of his wife and his neighbor’s girlfriend, everything turned different.

3. So his wife spends most of his time in her parent’s house during the day. He talked to neighbor guy, but apparently his attitude got changed and here how it goes.

4. It was now getting over the head and he decided to fight fire with fire.

5. This is how he decided to take his revenge.

6. Finally he got a message from his neighbor – ” Sorry man you can stop now “. But guess what he did not.

7. I guess this is the best way to let someone know that they were wrong.

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Author: Shaileza Sharma

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