See How Twitter Story Consists of Humor And Fabulous Deeds

Twitter has become the best social media platform for people to share their feelings with others. It is the one-stop solution to each problem, to hear current gossips, and to crack jokes. However, here we will discuss a storyteller, @sixthformpoet, on the Twitter platform. He needs to head up his talent from people. His tales are full of emotions, including fun, sadness, humor, and romance.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to go through the very next beautifully designed story by him.

#1 A funny story with a start consists of a man saying that his dad died. And he used to visit them a lot in the Small village. 

#2 Man’s mom, grandparents, and he used to visit his dad with flowers. Then he starts buying a flower for the man that has buried next to his father.

#3 Then he uses to keep flowers every day, but one day he started searching for those men. He found that why no one keeps flowers for him because he killed his wife and parents himself.

#4 After this, the man felt that he was doing wrong. So he started finding the grave of that man’s wife and parents. However, one lady appears after him, and she asked him why he was putting flowers.

#5 After that, he explained everything to that lady. After that, he asked a lady for a small outing, and then after two years, he asked for marriage.

#6 Then they both raised two kids, and now kids are asking for Disneyland trip. Therefore, the man asked the kids to earn the trip. 

#7 Kids of that man started becoming suitable for earning three thousand pounds. One day they were playing Frisbee, and it went to the homeless guy. 

#8 Then kids of the men ask their father to provide a home to that guy by giving money. Therefore, kids decide to use that collected money which they were going to use for Disneyland trip. 

#9 Men went to that homeless guy and requested him to stay at the hotel for which the men will pay. The story ends with blessings and happiness because the kids enjoyed their trip. 

#10 The next story begins with a man that says that one couple lived near his house named Tim and Lucy. He got one call after two years. And Lucy says on the other side that she was trying to kill herself. 

#11 The girl had taken around four pills and two gins when Matt reached her. 

#12 Then matt brings Lucy to her party after she confesses the reality of 12 gins and 12 pills. 

#13 The end concludes that both the homeless guy and Lucy engaged finally.  

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