Twitter Users Share 29 Statues That Are Better Than The Ones Protesters Are Tearing Down

Usually, when someone built a statue, these are in their memory or honor them. However, suppose you start thinking of a statue that why are making them. Whom are you trying to honor with this? It’s time to rethink once again in this matter.

Thus with this point of thinking, many people have turned down these statues. A few examples of this turn are Jefferson Davis, Portsmouth Confederate, and Christopher Columbus. A new example that people are demanding to turn down is Cecil Rhodes. However, more statues will turn down; it is essential to understand their importance. These are to honor the people who are debatable among our political leaders, history guys, and social activists.

Before people could harm them, Twitter started sharing some of the best statues built in different regions. Also, it has shown the importance of each one of them. However, the main motive is to state that these statues stand for peace, justice to people, and equality.

We present the best examples in front of you for the right pickups from the Twitter posts.

#1 Introducing you with the very first statue of Danuta Danielsson

#2 A statue of soon to be mother lady, La Mulatresse Solitude. The last words before she hanged were “Live free or die.”

#3 Statue of Sir Nicholas Winton sitting at the railway station of Maidenhead. He is famous for Czech Kindertransposrt in which transported around 669 Jewish children from Nazis.

#4 Sculptures built underwater to pay tribute to the enslaved people who are moving from Africa to America.

#5 Statues in Dublin shows how powerful they are. It is to honor the victims but not Oppressors.

#6 Queen of Kingdom Hawaii annexed by US marines and a statue in her memory.

#7 It shows the Dignity tribute to Chamberlain SD.

#8 Alan Turing- He got chemically castrated as he was gay. Today he has a statue in Sackville Street Gardens.

#9 The statue is a clear depiction of Jewish refugees. They were hiding from genocides and hence entered the UK by train. The statue situated outside Liverpool Street Station.

#10 A tribute to Gaspar Nyanga belonging to Gabon. He did slavery in Mexico and also led a revolution against it. They murdered every Spaniard.

#11 This is the famous statue of Bussa, and people usually feel happy seeing this statue in Barbados.

#12 A tribute to the famous women made of steel.

#13 Meet Anne Frank

#14 A tribute for the social and political activists for their country.

#15 Yes, adding Lapu-Lapu is also essential to this list.

#16 Meet the commanded leader, Benkos Bioho.

#17 Martin Luther and Emily Wilding

#18 Louis Riel is famous as the racist for white politicians. He was a Canadian.

#19 The symbol is depicting the horrors of slavery.

#20 Statue of Liberty modeled after Black Women. Just Perfect!

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