These Internet Users Tells About Their Epic Work Fail They Were Fired For

Well we all make mistakes in our life. Sometimes we learn from that mistake and sometimes we just let it go. It’s been rightly said that Failure is a part of success. One who gets success at the first go will never understand the taste of failure. Failure makes a man perfect and ready for life. Just like when a toddler learns how to walk, similarly failure teaches us how to walk properly in the right path. You are fired from your work, your office and you lose hope but always remember these failures always open a door for a success.

But hey don’t be so serious guys, let me tell you a funny story. In 2001, a teacher from wales was just being real, she told her students that Santa Claus is a fictional character. The kids with their disappointment told their parents and they entreat the teacher, who was fired after that incident. Now isn’t it funny? Various such cases of being fired happens pretty often and some of them are proved right on the social media. Like for example, on 14 August famous comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon started a thread why i got fired where most of people posted have posted their funny stories.

Let’s have a look at some of these stories and enjoy.

1. The ‘Infrequent Business Trip’ Joke.LOL.

2. Right Approach and there you go, you got a job.

3. I can’t stop laughing at this.

4. Now it’s time for the bonus. A master class of how to react correctly if you got fired.

5. I think its a better job than sitting idle in the office and working 24 hr’s a day.

6. Now i guess this is the real happiness.

7. It’s all your fault now. LOL.

8. Do you guys think it is about the work load?

9. It’s just 3 words dude ‘Remake the website’, How could you spend 2 weeks on that.

10. Walmart needs to keep a record of their active employees.

11. What an Epic Failure. I feel sad for him.

12. Not because you suck at this but definitely fortune teller does not like you man.

13. Can you tell me the recipe please.

14. Can’t Say Anything.

15. Seriously What?

16. At least he enjoyed his short trip with some sandwiches.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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