Graphic Designer Fixed The 9 Worst Logos Ever

Talented Italian graphic designer Emanuele Abrate has come up with a great project to showcase his art. The artist intended to redesign the 9 worst logos on the list in this project. And by completing this project on the strength of his talent, he has redesigned those people. The talented artist with all his hard work did a tour of recreating those old logos as if someone had commissioned him. The artist has also used various typography techniques to complete this project. He create several aesthetic logos and tried to keep the people of those brands as close to the original colors as possible. The art of talented artist Emanuele Abrate is also getting a very good response from the people. People have praised his art and his friends have also become his fans. The artist has also redesigned these logos by doing his best.


We have brought some of the best works of this artist for your entertainment. Take a look at them and tell us which of these is the most successful logo redesign in your opinion. We hope you too will be very much impressed by this artist’s work.

#1. Institute of Oriental Studies – Santa Catarina University

#2. Kudawara Pharmacy

#3. The Computer Doctor

#4. Arlington Pediatric Center

#5. Mama’s Baking

#6. Clinica Dental

#7. Fire Prevention Products

#8. Safe Place

#9. Office of Government Commerce

Author: Prashant

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