See What A Frustrated Mother Shares in Her Facebook Group Chat

In daily life, we all have been through different obstacles. However, most of us are busy with our mobile phones. At one point, when you sit free, you must be thinking, why do we exist even? What are we up to? It mainly happens when we feel frustrated. Even if you are on your mobile phones, you may have different chat groups. Also, we keep posting for mixed feelings we are passing through.

The same is the case with mothers. They are silent up to a limit but later break out their angry mood. There is one such example from a mother who breaks out her anger and frustration in the Facebook group. Yes, you heard it right, its Facebook group. Here are her frustrations posts.

She feels angry when she has been asked to stay in the mother’s Facebook group. She has been against the posts that are very common to a mother.

Kids make mistakes and show their naughtiness. However, mothers feel frustrated with it. She cannot even leave them alone for a single minute; otherwise, she has to suffer along with her kids.

She eventually shared the post in her group.

Many people felt empathetic to her as she did it.

However, many women feel if a kid is not beautiful, then breast milk will cure their problems.

Hence the naturality of breast milk could not be bad for the kids.

People in the group keep arguing about sleep training for the kids. Actually, the problem was with diapers of x company. Therefore, none could understand this. But eventually, kid’s skin has formed injury or rashes.

Parents may sometime fail to understand what their kids need. Thus they try to form their own stories.

It takes a lot of time to understand your child and hence be a good parent. But the Facebook group of mothers seems to be a group of idiots. Therefore it is essential to gather the complete information first and then feel irritated or frustrated with it.

Author: Rashi

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