30 Funny And Humorous Comics For Dark Humor Lovers By Scribbly G

We want to ask you if you like dark humor comics with an unexpected twist? We are asking this because this is the trend these days. Dark humor comics are capable of making your day lighter. If your answer is yes and you are also fond of dark humor. Then you are in the right place. For the best quality dark humor comics, you must find the talented artist Scribbly G who is actually from South Africa. But this talented artist is currently residing in the united kingdom. This talented artist has been performing this wonderful art for 3 years in the dark humor among the people.

The artist continuously mixes his best for the last 3 years and works to make people happy. The comic of this artist is quite funny and ironic which we are sure that you will love it. And after reading this you will laugh a lot. The drawing style of this talented artist is very clean and mostly straightforward. The artist Scribbly G is also very famous on the social media platform Instagram. This artist has about 47.8k followers here. All his fans like his work very much and his sense of humor is amazing. This artist mostly tries to complete his comics in 3-4 panels. Sometimes he also goes with 6 panels. His comics are very funny and you will not be able to stop laughing after reading them. Scroll down and get ready to laugh.




























Author: Prashant

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