21 Funny Kids’ Drawings That Won’t Be Going On The Fridge

Children are actually very innocent. Through the art made by children, we can see their purity more closely. Kids really don’t care what adults think about them. They have nothing to do with the world and have a different world of their own. You too can easily see their world and it is reflected in their paintings in the most fun way. The different masterpieces created by them really make for a different experience. Seeing this artwork of children’s, you will also think that they really does not make any difference to this world.

We have gathered 21 magical creations of just such kids. All these have been made by these innocent children by putting their heart and soul in it. You can enjoy it by scrolling down. We are sure that you will fall in love with children’s imagination and feel proud of them.


#1. Oh goodness

#2. My 7-year-old kid drew this out of the blue at breakfast the other day. I found it after he left for school

#3. Good morning from what my student thinks I look like!

#4. While cleaning the basement, I found an old drawing my sister drew when she was little…..of her sacrificing me to the alien gods

#5. My cousin’s first drawing of her Mum (she’s 5)


#6. My friend’s daughter had a school assignment to “Write one sentence about a family member and draw a picture about it”

#7. My daughter drew this and put it on my bedroom wall. I didn’t get much sleep last night

#8. The homework was “Draw your mommy”

#9. I think Charlie might have been affected a little too much by our stay in the city…

#10. Jellyfish

#11. Picture a kid drew, posted on the art wall at my local restaurant

#12. Wowww

#13. A Chinese kid draws on dad’s passport. They are stuck in South Korea

#14. This kid’s traumatizing experience at the dentist

#15. A Group of 5-year olds in Sunday school were asked to draw a picture that showed how Jesus loved them.

#16. I wonder is if she would like me to grow a mustache

#17. This drawing had me in stitches today

#18. Medusa

#19. Simply is the best

#20. Coworkers kid drew me a picture..

#21. Three fingers.

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