This Webcomic Is About The Grim Reaper Who Is Actually Nice.

Comics are fun, comics can make you laugh, comics can brighten up your mood and your dull life. I guess it’s the best way to spend your weekend at home. The excitement for the release of the second part of the comic after finishing the first one was always alive in many youngsters. But now the craze for the comics and books has been lost somewhere. But thanks to the advance technology, we are now able to read comics and books online. Yes, webcomics are the way by which you can read your favorite comics online. You can find many comic artist with their amazing work on social media.

One such artist has been creating so many comics and his last comic is always the inspiration for a new one. His last creation death the Grim reaper is actually an inspiration to his new creation Pink Reaper. Pink is actually a diverse version of the traditional Grim Reaper who, after having their cloak dyed pink, learns to become kinder and, in a way more human. This is helped not by any of them but his actual best bud, Timmy. But Timmy’s not the only other character in Pink Reaper. You will come across a cute ghost, an adorable devil and a very unhelpful employee. In the upcoming months, the characters in this creation are going to increase. You are soon going to meet a cute witch who loves to play video games and a highly annoying genie so do keep an eye on this.

Overall, the main motive of this comic is to entertain you guys and make you smile. But i am sure when you are going to read you will notice that there’s kindness in everyone if you treat them nicely. The artist feels that it was completely appropriate using the death as the central character – someone so often maligned for their role in something so essential to… well, its life. Death can never be a subject matter for a webcomic but the artist hopes that through humor and some laughter, his readers can learn to worry less,  share kindness more and of-course laugh.

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Scroll down below to have some fun.

1. Now i came to know, why he always keeps a scythe with him.

2. Hey girl its not a dress, it’s a badass cloak.

3. Now you have some facial hairs.

4. You Don’t have any finger print.

5. Do we have insides?

6. Yeah he went to the school once.

7. You really need a new game.

8. That is why it is tough for everyone.

9. Because the stupid winds take us with them even if we don’t  want to go.

10. Music is love.

11. Good Spirits.

12. Again the stupid winds.

13. I bet he is lost.

14. Who are you talking to buddy?

15. Little Drops of Rain.

16. Chilling out.

17. Welcome to the Scythe Store.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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