Healthcare Condition Of Iceland Compared To Us 

With a particular area, inevitably, there are many stories associated with it. So does in America. There have been numerous stories related to this nation. However, only a few know the secrets behind it. The US also fails to provide the necessities with affordable care, which has caused Americans to baffle.

Even many citizens from America travel outside the country to know what they have been missing. Here is a short story shared by Mary Robinette Kowal depicting how she has been suffering from lumps problems very often. She is a puppeteer on the TV show Lazytown. She visited for the regular check-ups and see how she has shared her experience with us.

#1 Mary founds a lump on her television show. 

#2 The cancer center asks her to come to the center without any referral. 

#3 The Cancer center asks her to come. 

#4 The nurse of the cancer center submits the fee and asks mary to wait. 

#5 The nurse asks mary to follow her at the hall to check the lump. 

#6 Then the nurse takes mary to next door because she wants to do an ultrasound.

#7 Then the nurse asks her to wait and then someone replies that it is the only cyst.

#8 Mary knows about the cyst thing in 45 minutes in Iceland.

#9 She says that nobody knows her in Iceland because she used the last name. 

#10 She paid three bucks and got check faster. 

#11 One lady replies after reading these tweets that she had to wait eight months for her first appointment. 

#12 Mary also replies that her husband had nerve damage. However, they got clearance of insurance after six months. 

#13 Kelly shares her lump story that she got the care provider after three months. 

#14 Then doctors came with reports that cancer has spread widely in the body of Kelly. 

#15 Healthcare didn’t put effort into the cancer condition of Kelly, and she was going to die.

#16 Mary replies that this story is very horrifying.

#17 Matt also tells about her sister that she died by knowing that she was not having cyst but cancer.

#18 Matt was not able to goodbye to her sister.

#19 The positive thing about matt’s sister is that she was on a student. 

#20 Kevin shares about her mother that she got tested in free.

#21 Some girl tells that same test cost of a large amount in the US.

#22 Healthcare is a joke to some people.

#23 New Zealand treats better than US healthcare.

#24 Russ shows the purity of being British.

#25 Healthcare on the west side is best.

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