“Henry” The world’s oldest known Nile crocodile, turning 121-years-old

Henry is the oldest known Nile Crocodile in captivity. The records state he was brought to Crocworld Conservation Centre in 1985 as an adult.  He arrived there when he was 85 years old. 

This old crocodile is currently going to be celebrating his 121st birthday this December 16 on Thursday. He currently weighs 500kgs and is 5-meter long.  

This oldest resident of Crocworld Conservation Centre lives in his enclosure with six females. Henry has fathered more than 10 000 offspring in the last 32 years. 

The Crocworld Conservation Centre celebrated Henry’s 118th birthday with a proper celebration. The celebration had it all, from special birthday feeding, and talking to cake for the guests. This was on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

“His birthday is always such a wonderful occasion and a great excuse for everyone to get down to Crocworld to meet the animals…” said Crocworld Conservation Centre Manager, James Wittstock.

 Apart from the notable birthday celebrations happening at Crocworld, there’s a wonderful program of holiday activities taking place. 

The activities include many amazing activities during the day. They have planned all the activities and allotted time for them for people to navigate easily.

At 10 am there is going to be Snake demonstrations or interaction.

At 11 am Nile crocodile feeding. 11.30 am Juvenile Nile crocodile handling.

 2 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Vulture feeding.

At 2 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: Marabou stork feeding.

 3 pm: Nile crocodile feeding.

At 3.30 pm: Juvenile Nile crocodile handling.

Author: Prayagni

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