45 Random Hilarious and Funny Memes Dump

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

I wanna ask you all how you guys entertain yourself. Apart from chatting with friends or watching the TV ? Well if you ask me i would say i prefer reading memes. Memes are so entertaining and hilarious that you can’t stop yourself from scrolling down. Some things are meant to entertain us and i guess memes are one of those. Similarly the social media is full of such things which can entertain you and can make you laugh endlessly. Whether it’s the dumbest tweets on the social media or the hilarious pictures or memes, everyone has their own way of spreading joy and happiness.

We here at savage humans have brought you all some of the amazing random pics and i am sure you guys are gonna ask me what do all these pictures have in common? and my answer would be absolutely nothing and that’s the main reason why we like them so much. From hotties to humor to hilarious pictures, these random pics are presented without any sort of organization other than that we saw on the internet and we thought it would be worth sharing these.

so scroll down with me to have some fun and laughter.

1. Obey your guidelines.

2. Please Help Me.

3. Hii to everybody.

4. Imagine celebrating your 60th birthday like this.

5. Expectations Vs. Reality. Reality is harsh dude.

6. On father’s day, his daughter roasted him something like this. Couldn’t be more proud.

7. OK Netflix, I am still watching and i am gonna watch it again and again.

8. Perfect place to use your mouse. Rate his dad’s setup.

9. OK so what is this?

10. Nothing can be more perfect than this.

11. He cares for the Reddit but not for the Facebook.

12. Everybody say Hi !

13. Nail art on the other level.

14. Perfect Cup for the chicken lovers.

15. Please keep a check on the mask and the hand sanitizer and if you don’t you die, we die, everybody dies.

16. Perfect caption for the dad.

17. Delete Your Account.

18. Caption it.

19. Craze for the video game.

20. On Emotions.

21. When you can’t afford the plane but still wants to take a photograph.

22. A useful or useless balcony?

23. Literally they are looking like they need water ASAP.

24. I am unable to read the sign.

25. Flexibility at its peak.

26. Designer Door.

27. Antiques in a gas station.

28. Shang Dynasty.

29. Perfect place to relax.

30. A useful bench.

31. OK What?


33. Caption it.

34. You are supposed to wear it down your eyes.

35. Monster Christmas Tree.

36. Muscular Chicken.

37. Home made LED lights.

38. Seriously?

39. I Love Myself.

40. Love for the beers.

41. Perfect Salesman.

42. Everybody see my ass.

43. Banana or Swan or Banawan?

44. Perfect shorts for a game lover.

45. Tight Security.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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