Hilarious Comics That Every Girl Will Relate To

Yello Pencil Comics is not made to talk about the personal life of the artist. But the artist keeps all the things of the heart in her comics. The main aim of the artist is to keep her feelings in front of the fans in the right way. The artist also tries her best to tell everyday struggles in her comics. The best thing about this artist’s artwork is that everyone can understand it very easily. Fans love her works very much. That is why the artist has decided to share the comics with the people. 23-year-old artist Ashita Adhikari is behind these great comics. You too can make your heavy day lighter by reading their comics.


#1 Avoiding conflicts like

#2 What’s that mini rainbow stash?

#3 Time to go out

#4 Bae, where’s your phone call?

#5 That one magically perfect bra.

#6 We take all their words seriously.

#7 Did you not read “text”?

#8 Stretch marks

#9 That summer struggle

#10 When the subject is food:

#11 Looking like she just came out from a shampoo ad.

#12 Are you ready?

#13 Why? For what purpose?

#14 “May or may not have played your save progress…?”

#15 Well… As long as it’s comfortable!

#16 Problem solved!

#17 Need that call.

#18 The perfect time for hair

#19 Sexy Lingerie.

#20 Best friends don’t need formality.

#21 Look at this mouth.

#22 When you get your inspiration from Pinterest

#23 There’s something about our recorded voice!

#24 Peers vs. Us.

#25 Something hot and spicy.

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