20 Hilarious Moments When People Are Way Too Smug About Their Wrong Answer

The Internet has opened a new world for many people all over the world. Those who used to yearn for opportunities earlier are also getting plenty of opportunities now. Through the Internet, things are reaching even those people who were very unaware before all this. For example, you can understand that, through the internet, we can communicate face to face even with those people who are far away from us. Apart from this, the user can easily share his/her thoughts with others’ views on any social media platform very easily. But it is also that social media also has its limits. Freedom of speech on social media allows users to fully share their views. Whether their thoughts are positive or negative. We are sure that you too must have come across someone very confident about hot takes. It is factually incorrect as well. Subreddit is one such platform that serves as a mirror to the confidently wrong people for their loud and bad deeds. Here are shared some screenshots of such people, whom you can see and entertain yourself.

#1 Well maybe that’s her favorite kind of yogurt

#2 Communism is when you are only allowed to buy one share of a stock

#3 Third hole?! Surely you jest!

#4 Good job 🙂

#5 Let’s see those snarky atheists answer that

#6 Abigail must see this reply as an instant win

#7 MLK would disagree

#8 Smart enough to lead…smart enough to breed?!?!

#9 “That’s because we are NOT a Democracy!”

#10 Your

#11 Apparently, skin color is an STD now

#12 COVID has brought out the best in everyone!

#13 ‘For the last time”, he proclaimed

#14 Oscar the Grouch

#15 An interesting way of adding percentages…

#16 Hopefully not posted yet

#17 America didn’t import slaves

#18 Light racism?

#19 He’s a homosexual

#20 1) star is a shape and 2) oranges and blackberries

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