11 Hilarious Pics That Show What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Realistic Hair

We would like to tell you that real hair is not plastic.

This means that it moves with the wind. Although whenever we watch Disney movies. Many things become very clear in our minds. That they didn’t care about hair physics at all. This can also happen because many things are not pulled by hand. And we also wonder if they always wanted her princesses to look perfect. Whatever the reason, it’s sadly not even how real hair works. Real hair gets frizzy whenever you let it out in the moisture. And when it gets wet it never looks as beautiful as it is shown in the movies.

But you can say what all this has to do with Disney’s films. But that’s also okay. Just imagine a world where every Disney princess has hair that’s physics and weight. Now you may ask, will Ariel still look as innocent as when she turned them back? We think and today we have come here to see that. That’s why we have some of our favorite Disney princesses. Take a look at them and enjoy them.

#1 I can see that the hair ties Jasmine uses are pretty strong

#2 Alice’s hair looks much better flowing like this.

#3 Aurora’s hair still looks much better after waking up from a long sleep than mine does every day.

#4 I bet the birds can help fix her hair.

#5 Esmerelda is still looking as gorgeous as ever.

#6 I mean that ice is bound to get into her hair.

#7 That is how real hair reacts to wind.

#8 Either Ariel had hair magic that meant her hair was always perfect or her hair was made of plastic.

#9 Can she color with all the colors of the wind when her hair is on her face?


#10 Mulan is looking as fabulous as ever.

#11 Moana’s hair is quite perfect already but this adds a twinge of realism.


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