Hilariously honest 24 Comics that capture my parents’ experience

Parenthood is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Representing her life with her kid an artist named Yllya created an awesome comic series. In the comic, she illustrated her daily life struggles with her daughter.

Yllya is a french artist and a mother of a toddler. She started drawing about her family life and posted them on Instagram. People loved it and then she started doing it more often and made it into a series. 

Each comic illustrates a tiny scene from her real-life interactions with her young daughter. People relate to her on most of them and love her art. Even people with no kids find it entertaining and funny.

Yllya draws her real experiences with her daughter daily. She shared a story where she and her husband’s daughter got stuck in an elevator. The artist stated that she is claustrophobic and was stressed but her daughter thinks it is a game. She took this story and drew it as comics.

The artist has more than 57.1k followers who love and support her work.

Scroll down and enjoy Yllya’s wholesome illustrations.

#1 Sometimes you just gotta shout

#2 Why Bedtime has to be the Stresstime

#3 Who does not love pizza Nights?

#4 They are plotting for the night.

#5 Gotta stop it  before it happens

#6 The Cutie has become stronger and cuter.

#7 Always always beware of the back hug

#8 The day will never come, she will never be ready.

#9 She can move her eyes, see…

#10 It is the pigeon storm.

#11 The cat is plotting something serious.

#13 It’s hard when your baby crown is taken away by a human baby.

#14 The reality is always different from the expectation.

#15 The little girl is scary.

#16 Kids do some seriously weird things.

#17 Gotta keep an eye on them.

#18 When does it all stop?

#19 A piece of chocolate always helps

#20 Sleepless nights all over again.

#21 There is no time to relax with kids.

#22 Does anyone speaks dog?

#23 Moments like this make everything worthwhile.

#24 There is no fancy cheese and wine here.

#25 Silly kids.

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