25 Hot Takes About Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ Ranging From Hilarious To Heartwarming

The film is the studio’s first popular film to be directed and produced by a woman. This movie finds a funny metaphor for puberty. The curiosity for this film in the mind of the audience can be seen differently. But not everyone can get it either. Many viewers have also seen Turning Raid. That’s why they shared hot to talk about the film on Twitter. This hot talk between the viewers is worth watching. Many people are also making its meaning about the characters and the plot. You can become a member of a group of these hot topics of the audience by watching all these meanings. We’ve gathered some of the best hot talks for you. You scroll down to enjoy them. Don’t forget to share them with your friends.

#1 Cringe

#2 It’s Natural

#3 Thank You Pixar

#4 Baby Bat Priya

#5 Parents Be Someone They Can Trust

#6 So Refreshing To See

#7 Best Dad’s

#8 Cringe Is Okay

#9 True


#10 Not Relatable To Men

#11 Most 13YO


#12 Sequel

#13 Friendship Bracelets

#14 More Period Talk

#15 What Animation Is Going To Be Like

#16 Such Normalcy

#17 Unused Title

#18 Metaphor For Growing Up

#19 I May Have Enjoyed Turning Red

#20 ‘Hits Hard’

#21 Movie Of The Year

#22 Old Disney vs New Disney

#23 Not Villains


#25 Made Me Realize



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