30 Humored Illustrations That Relate to Harsh Reality of The Life

You may meet different personalities every day. Usually, we categorise people as Optimists, pessimists, and realists. These three are the major form of categorisation. Here are the illustrations by an artist whom you will surely put under the third category for sure. His name is Yuval Robichek who is an Israel artist from Tel-Aviv. The fact is his special talent which is undeniable. These illustrations well define his special talent that is seriously relatable.

The fact behind these illustrations is very provoking such that you keep looking at them for a long time. You are left speechless once you view those pictures and you don’t have words to express it. The reason for more than 20K followers on Instagram is his illustrations for relationships. He always highlights them and is the main headlines for him.

In this primary artwork, he has given examples of beachside, bathing, and many other intimacy moments that leave you speechless. These surely add humour to your life. Yuval gained this knowledge from Humor In Arts at the School Of Visual Arts. Today his creativity has earned him a great reputation. The main creative results are found in his books, magazines, TV shows, and fashion. Look at some of the best-illustrated images presented below of his creativity.































Did these illustrations leave you speechless? For sure, you must be a great fan of his incredible artwork. None of us can deny this fact. Some of them are also weird but true. We never try to find the truth behind and ignore the surroundings. However, that’s not the case. We need to identify everything and examine it thoroughly. If you want to see more such illustrations, then visit Yuval’s artwork website and his Instagram Page. Sources have been given below. So keep sharing what you think with us.

Sources: Website | Instagram

Author: Rashi

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