Artist Shares His Daily Life Bridging cultural Gaps As An International Couple In These 28 Illustrations

In the life of a human being, the most complicated matter is the relationship. These are not easy to handle, and when it’s about dealing with them, then it even becomes complex. In the pandemic time, it has also turned lives to be very complicated. It is all in dreams thinking about living a happy life every time with your partner.

Milia is an Indonesian pharmacist and her husband, Matteo is a creative Italian illustrator, and they both have a passion for art. A few months ago, they were living the dream in Bali, got married on a remote tropical island, and moved for a while to Italy for the honeymoon and gathering with the family. Shortly after, the lockdown forced them to stay.

Here are some experiences shared for you to see what different situations a couple has to face in the pandemic time.

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#1 Men usually try to find problems with the food cooked.

#2 It is how the couple was managing to stock up products at home.

#3 It seems to be very funny when there is a lot of height difference between a couple.

#4 It is how isolation could impact a human.

#5 A lot of differences in thinking during sunbath

#6 Men are busy with their video interviews and women disturbing him every moment.

#7 The ancient memories spent together recalls.

#8 It’s feeling like entering new year after lockdown.

#9 How does it feel when you travel with your fan?

#10 It seems people in Bali celebrate Christmas with monkeys.

#11 The reaction when a man cooks food

#12 People during quarantine cannot move to a salon for a haircut.

#13 The winters are like women feeling cold than men.

#14 Men are never serious about learning meditation.

#15 It is the feeling of sleeping late and feeling afraid of ghosts from the partner.

#16 Romance is never-ending.

#17 Men are like women are a problem even if she is to rescue your pain.

#18 The most touching moment.

#19 It is how men get their first massage in Indonesia.

#20 The Beautiful one

#21 Many men skipped bathing during the quarantine.

#22 Learning Yoga is only for women in this case.

#23 Women are forcing her husband to take her along for a vacation.

#24 As a fish caught up by a man

#25 They miss travelling

#26 How beautiful it is to watch soothing sunsets in the vehicles.

#27 Its time to irritate men asking for travel at home with huge luggage.

#28 The lovely couple relation

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