A Happy And Beautiful Story Shared by The Amazing Artist Named Jenny Jinya

Comics are to make you laugh and fill your life with colors happiness. Here we are with one example of a comics artist that is famous for her making someone very emotional after reading. She likes to touch a challenging path as one she has chosen in this form.

In her comics, she always tries to take examples of a black cat, an elephant, a lion, a duck, a dog, and an albatross. She is a German comics illustrator and has always tried to surprise her fans with the new theme of comics every time. Read about her one such example. Also, see what people think and react after reading.

#1 A fox asks for help when she is drowning in the pool. 

#2 Someone saves the life of a fox before the devil’s attack. 

#3 A woman grabs the fox out from the pool.

#4 Devil realizes the appearance of women that save the fox.

#5 A woman named life saved the fox from the devil. 

#6 Devil loses from life once again. Yet, he feels happy after losing from life. 

#7 Goddess brings life in the world. Yet, the devil takes away the lives. 

#8 The devil receives the soul of every life. 

#9 The fox was lucky that saved from pool drowning. Yet, various animals and plants die every year in the pools.

See what people think about her stories.

The story of Jenny Jinya is very happy and inspiration.

The devil is doing his job in the story. People loved the concept of the story. 

Rainy days become very terrible and interrupting.  

The story feels very empathetic and inevitable to the viewers. 

Death is not always cruel to living beings. 

A viewer thought that life consists of a tattoo in the first picture. 

Life seems very interesting and corny in the story of Jenny Jinya. 

A viewer has saved a fish from drowning a few days back. 

The reader loves the beautiful bond of life and death in the story. 

Life never provides you with the option to come on earth. Yet, death has become a choice for people. 

It is important to save the lives of animals and plants from drowning.

Author: Rashi

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