Karma Comes Back When Landlords Tries to Renege on Deal and Does Not Return the Deposit 

There are landlords those who keep reneging on the deals. Yet, every landlord can’t escape without returning the deposit. Thus, you can read one real story of landlord drama on a tenant. It will show you the fantastic story of nasty landlords that become greedy. They make the best plan so that they can prevent to pay the security deposit. See how Karma hits back when you don’t follow the rules stated. Some people never fail to show such behaviour, and hence the results are below. 

People expect to receive the cash deposit from landlords when people move out of rent areas. Even, they check and clean the area with complete responsibility. 

Yet, they do not receive security or return deposits from landlords. Thus, you should check the following given story of a greedy and selfish landlord here:

#1 A couple wants a two-year lease, and the landlord demands money. Then the couple decides to live on 18 months agreement.  

#2 Then for ten-months, construction noise disturbed the sleeping life of the couple. The landlord even does not reduce the rent.

#3 The hot tub started causing problems. Yet, landlords haven’t paid attention. The couple kept track of every problem in photos.

#4 The noises increased when the couple disagreed to pay the raised money. Then the couple gave 30-months notice to landlords.  

#5 The couple decided to file a case on the landlord. They claimed that they lost their quiet and tub enjoyment.

#6 The couple wins the case at $6243 amount. Greedy landlords have to pay $13,243 after losing the case.

So, one thing that you should not forget ever in your lifetime is karma hits back. However, the situation can occur at any time and anywhere you wouldn’t have expected it. So, what happened with a landlord when he showed greediness. You should realize what is yours; you should expect up to that only.

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Author: Rashi

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