Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

Have you ever wished to see cute big cat cubs in their natural habitat? Well if you want to, you should visit Africa. 

In 2020 a video went viral in which a mother is seen helping her cute Leopard cubs cross the road. This unbelievably cute video was taken in the Kruger National Park. The heart-warming cuteness of these little ones is almost unbearable.

 A 64-year-old, man named Thinus Delport left the camp looking for leopards with his family. He got to witness this beautiful moment and captured it.

While talking about his encounter with the leopard Thinus said. “Early morning, my daughters and I left the camp looking for leopards. They were convinced that there are no leopards in the Kruger, as neither of them had ever seen one. As we drove, I jokingly convinced them to start singing in the car, to draw the leopards out, and so they did – and to my surprise – it actually worked!”

Further describing the incident he told that they were stuck in a traffic jam. While other visitors were looking at the pride of lions Thinus’s daughter noticed a behind other leopard trying to move her cubs. 

It was his daughter’s first visit to the Kruger.

“She was the first to whip out her video camera. I’m glad she did because I would have been shaking so much from excitement, that the footage might have just been ruined. We stayed and watched as the mother crossed the road first to make sure that all was safe. Before returning to encourage her cubs to cross to safety.” Said Thinus.


This was an extremely rare sighting, people often do not get to see a leopard mother relocating her cubs when they are still so young.

Thinus shared that he and his family have been visiting Kruger for over 50 years and not once they have sighted something as beautiful as this. He also said that this just came to show that patience really does pay off.

Author: Prayagni

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