LitterBox Comics by A Mother That You may Have Never Been Through Such A Kind!

Parenting can never lose its creativeness. You would listen to different stories of daily life from a mother or a father regarding their children. However, here is a different story from a mother, Chesca Hause. This mother loves to draw cartoon animals. Also, she has been managing a lot to put things together and create a different and unique comic of all time.

The craziness of making comics has started in the past a few months. Also, this mother told me that she has been using these comics as an escape. She has been trying a lot to copy the mechanism and raise humour around. Thus it helps animals to work with a normal life. Readers also get a welcome break with this. Isn’t it quite fun? Here she presents her most influential comics.

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#1 It is true to say Karma hits back every time.

#2 Really, today the pandemic time has taught mother’s too that children have become more intelligent.

#3 Children are becoming smart every time.

#4 It is like a warning to us.

#5 Children can never stop making their teacher embarrassed.

#6 It is like talking about constipation.

#7 It is what like parents want to scare their children and guide them to the bed.

#8 A real easter is now ready for it. Mom reminds of a tadpole but a bit weird.

#9 It seems a fight between couple never ends. Same example!

#10 The litter smell is very amusing. Am I right?

#11 The cats can let you participate in the Olympics!

#12 Parents are scared of their children.

#13 Fan service you and that seems to be natural as in quarantine.

#14 Do you think mother’s cup also say something like #10 mom?

#15 You may never have this before in this much time.

#16 See if Daniel TIger can wear pants or not!

#17 See what shirts depict and say.

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