These Little Details In The Movie ‘The Incredibles’ That We Probably Never Noticed

Disney has always tried their best in entertaining the whole world. But Disney is not the only company that is spreading this entertainment, there are still lot more companies which are trying their best with their work. one such studio called the Pixar Animation Studio produced this great movie called ‘The Incredibles’ which is a computer animated superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, and released by the Walt Disney Company. The  film portrays family of super heroes who hide their super powers in accordance with the government command and try to live a quiet sub urban life.

I hope many of you are familiar with this movie and if you guys have no idea what i am talking about so i highly recommend you to watch that movie. Every writer or producer always make some mistakes while producing these kind of films or they cleverly hide these kind of mistakes that we probably never notice. In this movie too there are some of the little details which we probably never noticed with naked eyes. But i guess it’s the time we notice these things and see what they actually are.

Scroll down below to have a look at these minor details.

1. Remember that scene when the plane crashes , the Elastigirl realizes the fact that debri was about to fall on them by looking  at her reflection in the water.

2. This hold up scene from the movie Die hard with Vengeance is compared to the scene starring Samuel L. Jackson.

3. Remember at one point, when Bob comes across an article in a newspaper which he is reading that states Simon J. Paladino is missing. This acted like a secret identity for the Gazerbeam, who later on Bob finds dead in the cave.

4. When Frozone is unable to use his powers because of the dehydration and is attempting to take a drink of water, a closer look on his lips reveals that his lips were dry.

5. The Phone Number ‘ 866-787-7476 ‘ which was given to Bob on the business card actually spelled SUPRHRO when typed on the keypad.

6. When Mr. Huph, sharpens his pencil, you can clearly see what it reads. It says, ” Your Life is in our Hands.

7. When Mr. Incredible Bob meets the incrediboy, he mistakenly calls him Brodie, which is the exact same name of the character of Jason Lee in Mallrats.

8. The terrified boy from a scene in the movie Finding Nemo is actually reading an Incredible comic book, which you can see on the cover of the book.

9. There was this scene when Bob and Frozone were listening to the police scanner, we saw a sign that reads ‘Andy’s Restaurant’ which is a reference to Andy from Toy Story and ‘Luxo Deli’ Which is from Pixar Lamp.

10. Bomb Voyage, the super- villain was spotted again at the end of the ratatouille movie working as a mime.

11. All the Superheroes who sat in the second row in the elastigirl’s wedding were the ones who died.

This is the reason why:

12. Remember the fight between the Incredible and Omnidroid, you can see doc hudson car from movie Cars parked on the street.

13. There’s been some debate about when the movie takes place, but thanks to the new technology we can read the date of the newspaper which bob was reading.

14. One of the items fell out of the purse which the robber steals is a Mr. Incredible Pez Dispenser.

15. You can see two random old men on the street at the end of the movie which was actually a tribute to the Disney animating legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, who voiced their characters.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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