Media Sharing the Other Side of the Protest after the Death of George Floyd


African-American George Floyd Protest Today

From the West Coast to the East, the mainstream media is covering the extensive protests after killing of George Floyd. And the video footage, it was obvious that the officer hunched on African-American Floyd’s neck as he panted for breath.

From the Raleigh Protest, one woman appeared displaying “I Can’t Believe I’m 66 and Still Protesting This”

Michael Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney, charged Mr Chauvin with second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder. Benjamin Crump and the family of Mr. Floyd is upset and said, “We want to see the other officers also for arrest”. 

A group of people shielding cop who parted from other officers

Mr. Floyd was living in Minneapolis. However, he became unemployed like other Americans due to pandemic. Recently, he was working as a bouncer. After his death, people started protesting against officers. 

Police signifying and exasperating to hear and realize the frustration 

The cities all over the US activated National Guard members and commanding curfews. Still, the situation is not relaxing and demonstrators are continuously expressing the anger and outbursts of violence. 

Black people claiming “We Are Stronger Together”

Irrespective of numerous unanswered questions, one thing is clear that the demands of justice has united the entire nation. An end to police harshness against African-Americans has unified people of all backgrounds.


The protest of a Veteran against his government shows the cohesive fight for justice

Even in some incidents, news media members seemed to be the target by the protestors and police. People are continuously protesting and fighting for protection. 

A police officer and protestor displayed “One Race, The Human Race”. This is what commonality looks like

Mr. Floyd was continually begging “please, please, please” as he was not able to breathe. But Mr Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck and he died.


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