An Artist Tried To Make People Aware for Their Misconception for Black Cats

Let’s not misunderstand anything and find how cats have been the best pets for you. However, we generally have wrong thoughts about black cats in our minds. Even many people believe that black cats are to hate not to love. They are a sign of hatred. However, this assumption is very wrong on our part. These cats, too, have their ways of showing love for the owners and people around them. The fact is you need to understand them. Also, perception differs from country to country.

People from the west believe that black cats are a sign of death, bad, and darkness. However, a fantastic artist wants to bring a significant change in this thought. She has thought of bringing a new mind up for the people to ponder upon. It is not color that matters for the fur. A white cat will not always bring happiness. Jenny Jinya created a comic to illustrate her point. She has represented the life of a black cat in this comic. This comic has today went viral a lot, and here the sequel of it.

You can even reach her accounts for more such descriptions.

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Know What People Say About Her Work.

Many people have become a big fan of her because Jenny finally did her best to ponder people over the fact of a black cat. She has been famous for her dozens of drawings and illustrations to make people aware of their understanding. The fact is she has tried her best to voice the victims with such comical representation. Also, Jenny said that she has been making a sequel to make people aware of their misunderstanding. Hence she hopes she can make it for them.

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