10+ Honest Modern Life Illustrations By A Mexican Artist

Talking about honesty can sometimes be ruthless. Your modern life has brought a new change in the world such that people forget about their past lifestyle. Here are the illustrations made by Mexican artist named Eduardo Salles. This artist works very profoundly to fetch the truth about modern life. He made funny illustrations through his drawings. However, the work turned out to be very commendable. This is also a talent to work with a smart brain.

However, the prints drawn by him are very humorous and cynical. Also, people can quickly relate their stories with illustrations. It is time to face the reality of life but in a funny way. What about dieting, texting, and the availability of free WiFi? With the point of illustration, you can have a look at the fantastic and profound meaning drawings.































The best and the most loved part of these illustrations made is honesty. People are not even honest about their life. However, they also fear to face reality. So, it is essential to make them clear regarding a profound truth. The work by this Mexican artist is very commendable. One cannot ignore it. But the fact is they never disclose any of the events like these to others.

An artist showing his honesty through his talent is a unique feature that only a few talented people can think of. We forget reality very often, but artists like Eduardo Salles are still there to make us aware of our surroundings. These small things matter a lot to us. However, to reach out more such, you can view Eduardo Salles’s Website, his Twitter account, or his Tumblr account. Below are the sources.

Sources: Twitter | Tumblr | Website

So, how did you feel after reading these? Did it impact the most on your life, or are you still confused?

Author: Rashi

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