This Artist Have Created Monsters In The Form Of Common Disorders And Mental Illness

Mental Health is Important.

You often come across so many problems in your life. Got fired from a job, lost your near one and sometimes even worse and all these things lead you to one thing and that is depression. This disturbance in your mental health gives rise to severe problems. Mental Health often includes our emotional, psychological, and social well being. It affects the way we think, feels, and act. It also helps in determining how we handle stress and make choices. Mental health is very important from the early stages of life, from childhood to adulthood it plays a major role. Over the course of your life, if you ever feel low and experience mental health problems, so don’t worry and don’t get ashamed of this. Visit your doctor and talk freely about what you are experiencing. They are here for your help.

Some comic artists and professional artists are realizing the importance of mental health and thus one of the artist Phil wall aka Never stay dead has been working on a series that is close to their heart. To spread the words on the importance of mental health and to educate both themselves and their followers, he has been creating some illustrations on mental illness and disorder in the form of monsters, following the people like shadows and never letting them get rid of it.

From Anxiety and panic attacks to bipolar disorder and depression, Never stay dead has done an excellent job in showing how these conditions can be so dangerous to a person. It’s very difficult and hard for me to imagine those people who suffer from them and has to deal with them every day. That’s why works like these are important and should be praised.

Scroll down to see some of their amazing artwork.

1. Depression. You are worthless. You are just a piece of crap.

Disorders are real and are something that we live with but not everyone can see them. It’s only the person who is suffering from it can feel the pain and this is the monster that lives on many of us on a daily basis.

2. Anxiety. They are gonna laugh at you. They are gonna push you away. What they are going to think about you.

Anxiety has a different face. It is a disorientating, chaotic, and dangerous kind of monster. It has hands like an octopus which can hold you in fear, stress, and pain. It will try to make you realize that you are worthless.

3. Autism. They don’t understand me. Are they ever gonna understand?

Autism is a kind of developmental disorder and is more susceptible to mental health.

4. OCD. The voice in your head that repeats itself many times.

Ocd is that creepy and nasty demon that repeats himself many times unless and until you complete that work.


The ADHD monster makes it hard for the person to focus on one task and easily distracts the person from everything else. A person with chaotic dreams full of galaxy and thoughts.

6. Insomnia. Just sleep and sleep.

Insomnia is another kind of monster that chain itself to the person making him or her feel like there is a ghost inside their body. Having a complete rest and sleep, the person feels too lazy and too depressed to work. They just look for sleep every time everywhere.

7. Addiction. Just one more. Only one. This will help you for sure.

The addiction monster feels like a shiny angel who is helping you to get rid of your problems but is actually doing the opposite.

8. Body Dysmorphia.

This kind of monster shows the person an exaggeration of their flaws and will spiral it until they become obsessed with it.

9. PTSD. Just want to forget you.

Once this was a very kind and confident monster but it is left with severe pain and sorrow.

10. BPD. I Hate You. Please don’t leave.

It is a demon but it feels like an angel. It is a complex combination and sometimes it’s very difficult to understand and can completely override the mind and the emotions. Fear of abandonment is always in its head, yet it struggles with stable relationships.

11. Bipolar

These are the two-headed beasts that splits into two very contrasting monsters. They have the steering wheel in their hands and can easily drive your brain.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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