An Artist From Hong-Kong Portrays Mystical Creatures Very Cutely

We are very familiar with the mystical creatures, and also these add good humor to our life. These mystical creatures are giant and tall and are well-built warriors. It needs a lot of strength and experience if you want to create slaying beasts and powerful spells. However, it is an illustration presented below by Hong Kong illustrator and an artist Rudy Siswanto. He represented these warriors and mystic creatures into babies.

However, all the mystical creatures presented still look badass. Even though they have been presented as young creatures, you cannot imagine them as cute. It is like taking a nap in the middle while thinking of these mystical creatures as good ones. Here is the presentation below.

Sources: ArtStation | Instagram

#1 Medusa & Gargoyle

It seems two best friends are growing together.

#2 Hippogriff Foal

These are the one among the most mystical creatures to be introduced in the series.

#3 Hydra Snakelet

It seems like these are noodles. One would surely want it.

#4 Simurgh Pup

The flying puppy would make anyone afraid. However, I would like to have this one.

#5 Nightmare

Aww, there could be nothing like this human to help a horse—the kind person.

#6 The Dragon Turtle

It seems to be like a Lapras.

#7 Phoenix

Why set up a nest of a fire Gary.

#8 Medusa Daughter

This is something that is not true. Medusa Daughter was never born with serpent-hair.

#9 Baby Minotaur

This is very cute. Loved it!

#10 Satyr Foal

A weird combination kid.

#11 Sea Lion Pup

You must be thinking of the Lion King after viewing.

#12 Kraken Paralarvae

The cutest one!

#13 Unicorn Foal

So beautifully designed.

#14 Elder Godspawn

The Zomg Baby is very cute.

#15 Own Bear

The messy one.

#16 Centaur

It seems as horses can walk as soon, they are born.

#17Lizardfolk Whelp

They don’t live inside a hollow earth.

#18 Myconid Sporeling

The baby mushroom is very adorable.

#19 Tatzelwurm Kit

The Fox Noodles

#20 Harpy Child

A kinda creepy.

#21 Cockatrice

It seems to be like chocobos.

#22 Hound Archon Pup

You cannot ever have seen these dogs anyway.

#23 Griffin Hatchlings

It is very adorable.

#24 Beithir Hatchling

These are not less than derpy faces.

#25 Peryton Hinulus

I have now been a big fan of this beautiful drawing.

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