Next series of ‘Resident Evil’ will be “Super Scary” claims Reboot Director

‘Resident Evil’ based on a video game is a high action movie. The film will keep your heart racing on what will happen next. Excellent story and the cool make up for the zombies, make this movie an awesome one. 

Though, the initial entries of the film were super hit. But the whole storyline due to its careless nature and failure to follow the games continued to turn away fans. Now, Hollywood is quickly working on rebooting the ‘Resident Evil’ series. 

In many people’s minds, ‘Resident Evil,’ starring Milla Jovovich, is like an action movie franchise. However, the property underway out as a survival horror game for the play station. 

What is Johannes Roberts’s view on Resident Evil Reboot?

A new Resident Evil movie is in progress, as told by the director of 47 Meters Down, namely, Johannes Roberts. His statement “getting back to the roots of the game” suggests that in the place of being another action movie. The series will take encouragement from the previous installment, where the whole thing storyline was focusing on scaring you. 

With so many scary scenes like Alice saw the evil dogs, and many more, Resident Evil was a hit to the cinemas. Additionally, a woman passed out in a shower, and a virus breaks out in a lab, can put you in suspense. This time the movie is going to be super scary. And Robert’s hard works will unquestionably make the film hit again. 

It’s going to be interesting to see the dark style of the movie on the big screen. After so many action elements in the previous ones, this series is going to be super successful. No more information has been out, so yes, you have to wait to see when it is going to happen. Stay Tuned! And keep waiting for more up news from us.


Author: Rashi

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