People Getting Obliterated With Numerous Words 

In the present world, it has been sure that the pen works brighter than using a sword. A pen has more power than creating violence. Reading gives a deep meaning to the people. But in the case of laptops and mobile phones, nothing is the same as a pen does. The gallery that I am going to present below is intense. It includes savage, insults, roasts, and something very creative that you would have hardly imagined before. Just have a look at the collection. There is a lot more to come up.

#1 The government can take everything from everyone.

#2 When you want to meet someone always try to remain professional.

#3 A person was asking for polite gesture games then another person enlisted the names of various games.

#4 A girl says that boys of six feet should stay home because of heavy wind.

#5 One friend gave the address of helping hands for the stay of another friend.

#6 The insulin manufacturer is killing people by making very high-priced doses.

#7 Nick Cannon says that he does not want married life because he doesn’t like these things.

#8 One woman says if she unplugs the router of the game in the middle. And then the boy means that he will unplug lifesaver when she is in the hospital during the last times.

#9 The oldest man says that the secret of life is a smiling face.

#10 It takes around eight hours to get ready for costume act and still, people say its wastage of time.

#11 Burger king tests the burger made-up of French fries.

#12 People talk about richness but do not see the hard work of their lives.

#13 In earlier days, people use to smoke one pack of cigarettes that comes with a lucky pack.

#14 One girl is talking to a guy and praising another guy in front of him. 

#15 A girl is having fun with a great night because of a fake ID.

#16 Kevin writes the statement of attack by subjecting the topic with a line named Donald Trump is the new brother of Bernie. 

#17 The serious flat earthers consist of which actual subject.

#18 The restaurant remains open even during construction for serving people.

#19 The man says to women that someone can choose loneliness over her. However, women reply that loneliness can be a better option in front of free food.

Author: Rashi

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