These Horror Stories Will Keep You Awake For The Whole Night.

Do You guys be able to sleep with such creepy Gifs?

I guess most of you get scary thoughts while sleeping at night and they get worse if you have seen a horror movie that night. These thoughts reside in our mind and heart for the whole night and we often get some panic attacks. This is exactly what was going through the mind of a famous artist Brian Coldrick when he decided to create these amazing arts. This is not the first time he is creating such marvelous arts, he has been uploading some of his great work on eerie one-shot gifs.

Well i guess it was supposed to be creepy, but his unique creative art and his style makes these gifs worth for watching again and again. He himself sometimes says that most of his work is inspired by creepypastas. This will be true once you get to see his art work.

This is what he always says.

“I always wanted to be a webcomic artist for a while, but i was worried as if i would lose interest after starting a story, i thought if each installment was a piece of a different tale i could start afresh each time. It also has a great side effect of leaving much of the story to be decided by the reader. I guess this is why people enjoy these stories.

I always start with an image first but once a phrase or two gets popped into my head and I’ve worked back from there. Rather than a full complete story the first step is usually an element.

In the early days of the series it might have been a desire to draw a particular kind of creepy monster, but later on it’s been the setting. A kitchen at night gets illuminated by some light, or an escalator on the underground. Sometimes it can be the loneliness, anxiety and fear that emerges when no one else is around”.

Let’s have a look at some of his amazing piece of art.

1. Never Sleep Alone and don’t look under your bed.

2. Hunger can’t wait.

3. Lonely Birthday or Birthday with your invisible friends.

4. Enjoying the movie with 1, 2 or more.

5. A small world exist in underworld.

6. They might look ok in photo but you can’t really tell what they were really like.

7. Listen to me I’m always here for you. The whispers of music.

8. A perfect place to be alone.

9. From here you can actually see them go. The Intersection.

10. The sound of the creepy babies.

11. The mighty powerful bone king.

12. Keep the Door shut.

13. Solving the puzzle piece by piece.

14. Beneath the surface.

15. The Trapped Souls.

16. She was stuck in detention with these alive puppets.

17. I guess water in this river is just a bad luck for you.

18. A strange Company.

19. They are dead but their spirits are alive.

20. shh! Be Quiet.

21. He is free from all the dirt and the pollution.

22. An Old New Home.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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