28 Times Parents Inadvertently Sent Inappropriate Texts To Their Kids

The development of information technology is the biggest success of this century. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Information Technology. Because of this, it has become possible to communicate with friends very easily. We can easily hear and read even our close friends who are far away from us through phone calls and text messaging. However, texting is faster and more convenient than phone calls. The reason for this is also clear that we have to think that it would be unfair or inappropriate to call in some context. Especially when we want to talk privately with someone, then messaging is the best option.

Sometimes texting can also prove to be wrong. For example, you can take these parents. These parents are stuck in an embarrassing situation due to sending interoperate texts to their children. We have gathered such hilarious moments for your entertainment. Scroll down and have fun reading these.


#1. This mom takes home remedies to the next level

#2. Are you serious, mom?

#3. Autocorrect fail

#4. The worst yoga class ever


#5. WTF

#6. Just forward to your dad

#7. Just kidding?

#8. Clumsy autocorrect

#9. Yeah right, mum

#10. Auto(in)correct

#11. Do not shake your …

#12. Mom, you’re so funny

#13. What?

#14. I have just registered for my mother a course


#15. That’s even how it was cropped

#16. What you shouldn’t know about your parents

#17. Another autocorrect fail

#18. I’m proud of you, mom


#19. It was the last time I saw my mom

#20. Oops

#21. Not porno

#22. And I was kicked out of the classroom for laughing too much

#23. LoL

#24. Hook me up, daddy

#25. The last time this guy wonders what his parents do when he’s not home

#26. There’s something wrong

#27. That fails a lot


#28. Can’t imagine

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