Parents Think Their Kids Are As Bright As They Are, Is It Really True?

So do you all think all the kids are as bright as their parents are? I guess some of you would say yes, some will say maybe and few will say no. Every kid has a perspective of their own and some might get award for their brilliancy and some may not and those who are not able to get one in brilliancy might get a one for their creativity and out of the box thinking. so i don’t think any of them is dumb or a loser. In fact i think they have a perspective which most of the adults fail to understand and that is the basic reason why these kids are on the list. Most of the parents fail to understand their child perspective and they don’t even laugh at their kid’s funny accents and always try their best to make them as bright as they are.

But if i was in their place i would have laughed a lot at my child’s funniest stories and accents, while they keep staring at me as if i was a crazy person. so from kids kissing a dolphin in the water park to weighing themselves without using any known metric system. Here are some of the cool and funniest tweets which will make you laugh for sure. if you want to lighten up your mood with some laughter, you came to the right place.

scroll down and have fun.

1. Who needs a metric system when you can weigh yourself with the help of squirrels.

2. Are we really looking for Titus?

3. Seriously what? From where he learned all this?

 4. Bats are for real kid, but batman isn’t real.

5. Here is an example of out of box thinking.

6. You might need a new pair of air pods after this.

7. True love does exist. What do you guys think?

8. Sale Sale Sale. A big Sale.

9. Wanna know what bath bombs tastes like?

10. You do know about it right?

11. He still wants to go out with you. Age doesn’t matter.

12. I guess you should teach your son not to steal air from your daughter’s bedroom.

13. Dude what you are trying to replace?

14. Okay i can agree on a nightingale or a night bird, but a wood penguin. No way.

15. We all need to think about this.






Author: Shaileza Sharma

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